TideFace (Beta)

The Tide Watch Face for Garmin


A clean and simple yet powerful watch face for Garmin watches featuring tidal information, daylight times and nautical dawn/dusk. It also has a top bar showing battery status and a bottom bar for step targets.

To retrieve tidal information you need a GPS position from a (very) recent activity and a bluetooth connection to your phone with internet connectiviy - on newer watch models position from Garmin's weather API is used as well (configurable). Tidal information is normally updated once a day or on location change - if the new location is at least 10km away from the old location. Configuring a position and locking tidal information to it, is also possible. Tidal data is preloaded and cached for up to two weeks. You will get some connection errors, but the information should still be valid in case you go offline for that perios - that is for the original location, no location updates will be possible without internet access

Be aware that watch faces are apps with very limited storage size, limited network connectivity and a background tasks can run at least once every 5 minutes, so updates may take time, especially in settings with unstable bluetooth or network connections

Use at your own risk! Data is fetched from upstream providers via API (see below). No guarantees can be given that provided data is free of errors or fit for purpose.

Do not use for navigational purpose or potential dangerous activities!

Free trial for three days, subscribe and cancel anytime after that


TideFace Monthly Subscription. Includes Tide data (cached for up to 2 weeks)

€4.00 EUR/month for TideFace
TideFace Premium
TideFace Premium - Monthly subscription. Adds a weekly swell outlook.

€10.80 EUR/month for TideFace Premium

Data Providers

Marea Tides API (Tide)
stormglass.io (Swell)

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